About Us

Who we are and what we do.

A bit about a2b PC Repair and a2b technologies inc.

Nerds, Geeks, and Geniuses

When it comes to classifying ourselves we would probably fit into any one of the above, but hey, labels are overrated right? To make a long story short... we know computers. We know A LOT about computers. We don't have fancy names for our services. We don't have cute little cars. We don't have chic little outfits. We just fix computers, the right way, and the first time. And as if that weren't enough. We strive to do it at a price and in a time frame that makes everyone happy.

Our Company History

Our parent company, a2b technologies inc. , started as a corporate IT solutions firm, providing services to small and medium companies all over the Greater Philadelphia area. At some point it dawned on us that we could apply our knowledge of corporate IT solutions on a smaller scale and help home users as well. The next logical step was to open a retail store. Come visit us today and tell us what you think!

Our mission statement:

It's simple really: We believe that everyone is entitled to an honest, accurate, and informative diagnosis; and a quality repair of whatever ails their computer. We take pride in providing the customer with all the answers he or she might need to make an informed decision.